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Hera's Accounting services - Bookkeeping Services

Welcome! Our bookkeeping services include:

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$124.77  Monthly

Hera's Accounting services

3705  W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA  90019


3705  W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90019   1-213-631-3577

Sign up today for our bookkeeping services, payroll services, accounting services, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and filing, business tax filing, auditing, financial services and tax services. Our bookkeeping services are of the best quality.

Contact us today to get you started with bookkeeping services and payroll services. Our services include bookkeeping services, payroll services, accounting services, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and filing, business tax filing, auditing, financial advisory services and tax services. Our bookkeeping services and we will keep everything is order for you. With our bookkeeping services you will keep up with keeping your records in order on a timely basis. That will make managing your business easier for you. The bookkeeping services we provide will help you catch up with all your accounting. The bookkeeping services we provide will update your business to where it should be in compliance with all the tax agencies.  

Be in compliance with the government taxing agencies with our bookkeeping services. Contact us now to get started with our bookkeeping services and increase efficiency, stay in compliance and boost your revenue and profits. Our full bookkeeping services firm is for business owners and independent professionals who wish to keep up an impeccable compliance schedule. We provide affordable bookkeeping services and we are experienced and friendly. Safeguard you and your business and optimize your hardworking dollars with our bookkeeping services All deductions and credits will be taken care of with our bookkeeping services, tax planning, compliance and tax and accounting services. Our professional bookkeeping services, payroll services, annual reporting compliance and business tax filing are at the utmost professional level. Our bookkeeping services also include all services for your business. We will help your small business with our bookkeeping services to be in compliance with governmental agencies. We are confident that our bookkeeping services will meet all your business needs.

Our firm is the best choice for bookkeeping services. This is your best place for professional bookkeeping services. All our services include bookkeeping services and compilation services for small business. You are in good hands with our firm and our bookkeeping services. We have been in business for more than 25 years and have been providing bookkeeping services since 1989. That is 28 years of providing payroll and bookkeeping services to very satisfied business owners. Get your questions answered by experienced and knowledgeable professionals with your bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping services your way. That is our moto. We customize our bookkeeping services to your business needs. With our bookkeeping services, we present your company financial statements the way you, lenders, accountants, company department heads and managers like to see it. We provide professional bookkeeping services that will allow you to make better decisions for your company. Keep and access all your records and reports at your fingertips with our bookkeeping services. We have over 25 years of experience providing bookkeeping services and we are U.S. based.

View your accounting information and financial reports online securely with our bookkeeping services. Your company authorized personnel will have access to your sensitive accounting data and reports prepared by our bookkeeping services. You choose how our bookkeeping services and reports are presented to you and your desired target. You to view your transactions, customer records, vendor records, inventory items and view as many years of history as you want with our bookkeeping services. With our with our bookkeeping services, accounting information will be available 24/7.

Our bookkeeping services include payroll services. We will calculate your payroll hourly, by shift work, salary or piece rate. All this includes Social Security, Medicare, Health Benefits, vacation/leave, multiple states, local income taxes, union dues, federal taxes, garnishments, pay advances, overtime  and retirement plan calculations. We will also include commission and seasonal work calculations with our bookkeeping services. We will process your accounting with our computerized bookkeeping services and also your payroll items in a timely manner for ease of compliance. Use our bookkeeping services. We can help you - Whatever your situation and circumstances may be. We don't mind you bringing a load of boxes full of disorganized paperwork to process. 

Our payroll services will provide you with more ways to pay your employees. Our bookkeeping services provide your employees with various payment options and your employees will absolutely love these features. These features include direct deposit, pay/debit cards or simply print checks. There is no need for check printing or delivering checks to your employees by paying electronically and thus your employees don't need a checking account with the feature to pay them electronically with pay/debit cards. You always have the option for printed checks if that is what you and your employees prefer. There is no problem we can issue printed checks instead. Our bookkeeping services will definitely make payroll processing easier for you and all your worries will be gone. 

With our bookkeeping services, we will reduce the burden of filing for you by keeping everything organized and ready to go. Our bookkeeping services include filing your federal, state and local tax compliance reports and forms in the best way that works for you. Your accounting / bookkeeping, payroll, W2s and tax filings can be viewed upon login into your secure client login page. From imputing date to complex financial reports - our professional bookkeeping services will help you at every step of the way. The size a new business varies greatly. Most growing businesses at some point add employee and thus the need for payroll services arises. All businesses have a need for bookkeeping services and payroll services.  All businesses need payroll services once the business grows and even when it first starts. The business must diligently comply with the deadlines set by the taxing agencies. Everyone expects to be paid accurately and on time and they also expect their deductions to be calculated correctly. Some employees even have voluntary deductions to be taken from each paycheck on a period basis. The taxing agencies also expect the same and that those deductions be calculated accurately and that these deductions paid to them in a timely manner. We will provide your business with bookkeeping services, payroll services and compliance services to meet your business demands. 

You can call us anytime and reach real people, not answering machines. We don't have voicemail service so that you always reach a real human when you call. We always provide live support for help with any matter with bookkeeping services either through our live support chat or by telephone. You will always reach a real person every time you call us and anytime to clear any concerns about your business matters with our bookkeeping services.

Our bookkeeping services are modeled with the understanding that small business folks wear many hats. Some businesses want to do their own data entry or want to bring their work to the bookkeeping services provider on their own time. We understand you are busy and we can always pick up the accounting work from your business location. All you have to do is accumulate bookkeeping items and receipts in an envelope or even a cardboard box.

You are lucky to have found us because finding a firm that offers quality bookkeeping services at a reasonable price is a challenge nowadays. We can greatly reduce the burden associated with government compliance, and your business tax compliance. We are your local professional bookkeeping services provider. The best way for you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your accounting and bookkeeping services. Get a flat, affordable monthly rate with our bookkeeping services.  These bookkeeping services will not change if you have more transactions in the month. Our knowledgeable accountants provide accounting knowledge to answer your accounting related questions.

If you have backed-up bookkeeping or accounting work, we are your company. Our bookkeeping services are great!  We will get your bookkeeping caught up in no time! This is the perfect time to get caught up with your accounting by using our bookkeeping services. You have not done your accounting for years? We provide bookkeeping services to you even if you have years of accounting work to be done. We understand that things happen and it not surprising that there are companies that have not done their accounting for years. Actually, it is very common. If it happened to you, don't worry - our bookkeeping services are here to help you!